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13th Jun 2023

Dr Quinn

It is with great sadness that we announce that Dr Quinn will be leaving the practice. Dr Quinn's last day will be on Thursday July 6th 2023. Dr Quinn is a highly valued and respected member of the team and will be greatly missed by both the practice team and our patients. I know you will all join us in wishing Dr Quinn all the best for the future.

30th May 2023

Lambeth Together Health and Care Plan 2023-28.

Our Health, Our Lambeth Lambeth Together health and care plan 2023-28 - Lambeth Together

Above is the link to the Lambeth Together Health and Care Plan 2023-28.

25th May 2023

Premises Update Meeting Minutes 24th May 2023

Wednesday 24th May 2023

Lambeth Walk Group Practice Patient Meeting

Subject: Practice Premises

Venue: via Zoom

Time: 6-6.30pm

Hosts: Dr May and Dr Mitra – GP partners and Sarah Cross – Practice Manager


  • Meeting called at short notice to update our patients on the current situation with our premises.
  • Due to the short time frame we were unable to secure our usual meeting premises and therefore opted to hold the meeting online
  • Attending patients were advised that everyone had been muted and so to please ask questions via the chat box. These would be answered by Dr Mitra and Dr May following their explanation of the current situation.
  • 96 patients attended the meeting.
  • Minutes will be made available on the website and at reception.


Dr May provided the following summary:

  • The current lease on the practice will run out at the end of July 2023.
  • The practice and the NHS have been working on plans for a new site for a number of years.
  • There have been plans in place but for a number of reasons these have, disappointingly fallen through.
  • Plan is to find somewhere local that works – we don’t want to be too far away from where we are now.
  • The new site needs to have suitable access.
  • We need enough space to accommodate all our current services including our regular trainees.
  • The building is owned by the Department for Education, leased by Kings College London, and subleased to the Kings Maths School who are our Landlord.


Dr May provided reassurance that we will continue to exist as a practice and provide services for our patients.


  • NHS Estates are aware of the importance of finding somewhere for the practice to provide our services.
  • This may necessitate a short term solution before we find something more permanent.
  • The practice is meeting with all the necessary estates team members on a weekly basis to find a solution


We wanted to thank everyone so much for attending and for your helpful suggestions regarding potential local opportunities. We value everyone’s support and will provide regular updates via the website as and when we have any further information.











27th Aug 2021

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